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The Gazette Company Investment - FAQs

The Gazette Company Investment in ImOn Communications
Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does this mean for me as an ImOn customer?
A. Your ImOn service will continue as usual, however as a result of this investment ImOn will have more capital to spend in infrastructure and technology to bring you faster Internet, highest quality TV picture, and new products such as Video on Demand and TV everywhere.

Q. Did The Gazette Company buy ImOn Communications?
A. No, The Gazette Company made an investment in ImOn by buying shares of the company.

Q. What does this investment mean for ImOn?
A. This investment means ImOn will have a community partner that shares a similar vision and mission centered around serving our local community. It means ImOn will continue to have access to capital that will allow it to grow its service territory and will allow ImOn to continue to invest in new technologies to bring its customers high quality TV experience and the fastest Internet speeds possible.

Q. When did the investment take place?
A. The Gazette Company investment in ImOn took place in March 2012.

Q. How much did The Gazette Company invest in ImOn Communications?
A.Terms of the investment were not made publicly available.

Q. Why did The Gazette Company make this investment?
A. The Gazette Company made the investment because of ImOn's solid growth and financial performance coupled with its dedication to our local community. The fact that both companies share a passion for serving our local community. The fact that both companies share a passion for serving our local community, along with being a part of helping deliver improved technologies and services to the area, was an important factor in making the investment. 

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