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Do you have a need for speed? ImOn high-speed Internet gives you the Freedom to connect at the speed you want! Proclaim independence from sluggish Internet connections and experience ImOn's blazing fast download speeds. From surfing and gaming to downloading photos and streaming HD video - experience the full power of Freedom with ImOn's advanced fiber network. 

Freedom 15Mb - Accelerate to the fast lane with Freedom 15. Perfect for downloading large files and streaming video and music.Download speeds of up to 15Mbps / Upload speeds of up to 1Mbps

Freedom 25Mb - We really step on the gas with this one. Speed enthusiasts will like the benefits this plan offers.
Download speeds of up to 25Mbps / Upload speeds of up to 2Mbps

Freedom 65Mb
- You are unstoppable with Freedom 65. Stream movies, gaming and handle multiple applications with ease. Download speeds of up to 65Mbps / Upload speeds of up to 3 Mbps.

Freedom 110Mb* - ImOn has broken the Internet speed limit for Cedar Rapids and Marion! Download at the FASTEST speeds. Stream HD movies, video conferencing and connect and run all your WiFi devices with ease
Download speeds of up to 110Mbps / Upload speeds of up to 10 Mbps.

Access ImOn Pricebuilder now to price out ImOn high speed Internet service. Or, call ImOn now at 319-298-6484 to get pricing. Be sure to ask about ImOn Bundles - 10% off your monthly bill when you take 2 service, 15% off when you take 3 services!

*Freedom 110Mb is only available in Fiber to the Home areas.

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