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What is ImOn High Speed Internet?

It's high-speed Internet service for your home computer. ImOn high speed internet uses a cable modem along with your home's existing television cabling to connect your computer to the Internet, so you always have an online connection. And high-speed Internet does not tie up your phone line, so you are free to talk on the phone and surf the Web at the same time. You are also provided multiple email accounts (up to seven email accounts).

Internet service offering:

  • Lightning-fast, unlimited Internet and email access
  • An "always-on" connection
  • 24 hours, 7 days a week Internet Support
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How fast are ImOn Internet services?

Actual connection speeds vary. Freedom 5.0 provides download speeds up to 5Mb and upload speeds up to 512k. Freedom 15 provides download speeds up to 15Mb and upload speeds up to 1Mb. Freedom 25 provides download speeds up to 25Mb and upload speeds up to 2Mb. Freedom 65 provides download speeds up to 65Mb and upload speeds up to 3Mb. Freedom 110 provides download speeds up to 110Mb and upload speeds up to 10Mb.

Factors that affect the speed of your ImOn Internet service include:

  • Your computer's configuration and performance capabilities
  • Whether you are accessing non-cached or cached data
  • The performance characteristics of each component of your data network
  • The number of users and overall traffic on the Internet and the ImOn network, as well as all users' compliance with the ImOn Acceptable Use Policy. In addition, upstream data transfer speed is limited.


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With ImOn Internet service, do I need an ISP?
ImOn Internet is a full-service Internet Service Provider with unlimited flat-rate access to the Internet and email services. There is no need for a separate ISP when you sign up for ImOn Internet.
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Do I need cable television to get ImOn Internet services?
No. Although discounts may apply for customers who have a combination of our phone, Internet and cable television services, each can be ordered without the other.
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Can I watch cable television and use ImOn High Speed Internet at the same time?
Yes. If you have both services, each works independently of the other. So, you can use ImOn Internet while watching television.
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Can I talk on the phone and use ImOn High Speed Internet at the same time?
Yes. ImOn High Speed Internet service does not utilize a phone line so that line remains free. However, Dial Up Internet services will need to use either your existing phone line or require an additional one be installed if you want a main phone line to remain free.

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How do I get ImOn Internet service?

First, make sure it's available in your area of Cedar Rapids or Marion by entering your address in the Address Finder on the homepage - If available, we will arrange a convenient time for your service to be installed.

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What are the differences between ImOn High Speed Internet and DSL?

ImOn cable Internet delivers content directly to your personal computer using a cable connection and a cable modem. ImOn High Speed Internet provides the tools a customer needs to participate fully in the online community at speeds up to 100 times faster than traditional dial-up service. The result is a fast, high-speed cable Internet connection.

Digital Subscriber Line technology, otherwise known as DSL, is modem technology that uses ordinary phone lines to connect to the Internet. You must have a DSL modem and live within a certain distance of your telephone company's central office to get DSL Internet service.

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Why is my neighbor able to receive this service and I am not?

Because of the way the cable network is configured, as well as the process used to ensure all areas of the network are operating up to standard, some customers' homes are activated before others. Again, to check to see if High Speed Internet service is available to you, call ImOn customer service at 319-298-6484.

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Is my home ImOn Internet service secure?

Although no Internet connection is completely secure, we do everything possible to protect your privacy and security. See our ImOn Internet Acceptable Use Policy and Terms of Service for more information.

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How does the equipment connect to my computer?

The cable is run to a cable modem situated next to your computer. Then the cable modem is connected to your computer via a Network Interface Card (NIC) this is sometimes called an Ethernet card. It's as simple as that.

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Can I connect more than one computer to my ImOn Internet service?

Yes. More than one home computer can be wired to receive ImOn Internet services through the use of an Ethernet or Ethernet router. Contact ImOn customer service at 319-298-6484 for more information.

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Can I simply put a splitter on my television cable?

One of the advantages of using ImOn Internet service is that in most cases it uses the existing cable that is already in your home. This cable is capable of carrying both video and data signals at the same time. Although it may appear you only need to install a splitter on the existing cable, due to the potential of introducing "noise" or interference into the cable system, ImOn requires the installation of a separate data outlet. A technician will also need to reconfigure your television cable at your home.

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Is it true that cable Internet services use a shared network platform while DSL services provide a dedicated line to my home?

Unless otherwise specified in the DSL package, DSL services dedicate a line from your home to the provider's central office, but that is where the dedicated connection ends and the bandwidth sharing begins. Internet traffic from your neighborhood meets at the provider's central office. Customers then battle for a connection to a local ISP that is shared by residential users and possibly businesses.

ImOn operates its own network that connects to the Internet at multiple locations. The network is based on a revolutionary network management model that is designed to overcome the performance limitations of the Internet.

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What are my networking options?

ImOn Internet Support does not provide support for home networking solutions.This includes, but is not limited to, devices such as hubs, routers, switches, and firewall solutions. The only hardware devices and/or software applications that are supported by ImOn are those that are provided directly to our customers from ImOn. Therefore, we cannot offer technical support for any type of home network configurations.

Even though we do not provide home networking support, in the event that you choose to use a router with your cable modem, please be aware of the following points:

  • The cable modem must be plugged into the router's WAN port.
  • The router must be configured to work with a DHCP network.
  • In the event of a router configuration issue, located below is a listing of the support pages for the most popular networking components on the Internet:
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