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Local Service

Local Line Plus

Choose up to seven  calling features and customize your service to match your exact calling needs! Stay connected with your friends and family by choosing a reliable, high quality local phone service.

The Local Line Plus phone package iis a comprehensive local service package, - with the flexibility to add the features you want, at an economical price. And, when you choose ImOn for long distance or Internet service, you will receive one simple bill - with no hidden charges or fine print - for all your communications services.

Local Line Plus features:

  • Dependable standard local dial-tone and touch-tone service.
  • Unlimited local calling.
  • Primary directory listing - your name and number in the directory white pages and available for use by directory assistance providers.
  • The choice of up to seven calling features. Choose from:
    • Anonymous Call Rejection
    • Call Forward Busy
    • Call Forward Don't Answer
    • Call Forward Variable
    • Call Transfer
    • Call Waiting
    • Caller ID Name and Number
    • Continuous Redial
    • Last Call Return
    • Selective Call Rejection
    • Speed Call 8
    • Three Way Calling
    • Voice Mail
    • Federal Access, Local Number Portability and Extended Area Service charges are included.

Customize your Local Line Plus Service package with additional optional local features like directory listing options, wire care and call restrictions.

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Freedom Line

This package has it all. Enjoy unlimited local calling, 3000 minutes of long distance calling, along with all available calling features.

And, since all your telephone services come from one company, you'll enjoy the convenience of a single monthly bill - at the same rate each month - to help you to stay on budget!

The Freedom Line can help if you need to ...

  • Manage your phone service with flexible, consistent rate plans and one simple, consolidated bill
  • Reduce costs with an all-inclusive local and long distance plan that includes YOUR CHOICE of 13 local calling features

The Freedom Line Phone Package features:

  • Unlimited long distance calling (up to 3,000 minutes per month) - including all direct dialed calls to the U.S. OR Canada
  • Unlimited local voice service including your choice of any or ALL of the following calling features:
    • Call Waiting - so people can reach you while you are already on the phone
    • Three-Way Calling - for three-party conversations
    • Caller ID Name and Number - so you can identify who is calling before you answer
    • Call Forward Variable - forward calls to another number
    • Anonymous Call Rejection - prevents incoming calls with Caller ID Blocking
    • Call Transfer - easily transfers an incoming call to any number you choose without disconnecting the call
    • Speed Call 8 - dial up to 8 numbers with the touch of one or two buttons
    • Last Call Return - Return a phone call to the last person who called you at the touch of a button
    • Continuous Redial - Automatically redials a busy number for up to thirty minutes
    • Call Screening - Prevent certain incoming calls by programming your phone to block specific numbers
    • Voice Mail 
    • Federal Access, Local Number Portability and Extended Area Service charges are included.

The reliability of having your services delivered via the 99.999% reliable ImOn network .

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Contact ImOn to sign up for local and long distance telephone service by calling 319-298-6484 or sending us an email And remember, when you choose ImOn for cable television and Internet service, you’ll receive discounts and one, simple monthly bill.

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