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Ethernet Internet

Dedicated, Scalable, Redundant, Synchronous

Maximize your Internet service with fiber-based Ethernet service. With speeds up to 10 Gbps, ImOn Ethernet service is backed by our privately owned and managed state-of-the art fiber network. Internet speeds that were acceptable a few years ago, were not designed to deliver on the demands of today's bandwidth requirements. Whether you need to boost your bandwidth due to increased file sharing between locations or a rise in Internet-connected devices and applications, ImOn Ethernet service is your solution.

ImOn Ethernet Delivers:

Speed! – from 1 Megabit to 10 Gigabit and beyond of dedicated Ethernet service
Scalability – flexible bandwidth that has the ability to grow with your business
Redundant – additional assurance that your connection will not be disrupted
Synchronous – same download and upload speeds to meet your data needs
Support – outstanding local support right here in Cedar Rapids


Internet Service

Reliable, Cost-Effective

Do you need an Internet solution that keeps your business connected to your customers and stays within your budget? ImOn Business Internet service checks off both of these requirements. Whether your business relies on processing timely online transactions or is in need of a speed enhancement, ImOn's Internet is the right solution. ImOn Business Internet offers four speeds that are faster and more reliable than standard DSL.

Business Fiber Internet 30x15 – up to 30Mb download speeds and up to 15Mb upload speeds
Business Fiber Internet 50x25 – up to 50Mb download speeds and up to 25Mb upload speeds
Business Fiber Internet 100x50 – up to 100Mb download speeds and up to 50Mb upload speeds
Business Fiber Internet 150x75 – up to 150Mb download speeds and up to 75Mb upload speeds 

Download the business case study below to see out how ImOn's fiber-optic technology has helped Linn Area Credit Union improve their connectivity and grow their business.


Fiber Transport Services

Data Transport Layer 2 Point-to-Point

  • Transporting data securely point-to-point or between multiple locations

  • Connecting your office to remote services, data centers and disaster recovery sites
    (Connectivity to both Involta and Enseva Data Centers)

IP Addresses

Know which is right for your businessIP-Address-Chart.png

If your business is online, then you will have an IP address. An IP address identifies a unique device and provides the address to find it. It serves the same purpose for that device as your street address does for your business. When you sign up for ImOn Data Services, you'll receive one free dynamic IP address. Additional charges will apply for static IP addresses and additional dynamic IP addresses.

So which is right for you?

  • Static IP: If your business will be running one or more servers, utilizing applications that require external access, or allowing a service to run incoming audio or video, you will need a static IP address.

  • Dynamic IP: For basic usage, such as surfing the web, uploading and downloading files, or checking email you can use a dynamic IP.

An ImOn Business team member will work with you to construct the right data solution for your unique business needs.
Connect now or call 319-298-6484.


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