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Phone Features

Anonymous Call Rejection
Allows you to reject incoming calls marked "private" or "anonymous." Calls marked "private" or "anonymous" are those calls on which line blocking has been activated in order to prevent name and number information from passing to you. The calling customer whose call is marked "private" or "anonymous" will receive a message stating that the party you are calling does not accept blocked calls and to reach this person you must unblock your line and dial the number again.

Three Way Calling
Allows you to add a third party to an existing call. You can either "conference" the third party or talk privately to the third party.

Call Screening
Allows you to establish a list of up to 13 telephone numbers from which you do not want to receive calls. Incoming callers from a number on the Call Screening list will be routed to a recorded message that notifies them that the caller they are trying to reach is "not accepting calls at this time."

Last Call Return/Callback
Allows you to hear the telephone number of the last incoming call, regardless of whether or not the call was answered.

Last Call Return/Callback also allows you to "prompt" ImOn service to redial the telephone number at the last incoming call by dialing "1." The automatic redial function of this feature works in the same manner as Continuous Redial, redialing the number for up to 30 minutes and providing a distinctive ring when the call can be completed. Telephone numbers from incoming calls which are blocked are not given out with Last Call Return/Callback services, however the service will allow you to dial "1" to have ImOn service dial the number back.

Caller ID Name & Number
Displays the name and/or number of the calling party before you answer the phone. Requires that you have or purchase a phone capable of displaying caller ID.

Call Waiting ID
Allows incoming Call Waiting calls to be visually displayed on your Call Waiting ID display or Caller ID capable phone.

Call Waiting
Allows you to receive a second call while you are already on the line. A brief tone alerts you that another call is waiting to be answered.

Speed Call 8
Allows you to dial frequently called numbers by dialing a two-digit code in place of the entire telephone number. The Speed Calling list is available with an 8 number capacity. Both local and long distance numbers can be programmed in the Speed Calling list. (For long distance a "1" must be included.)

Priority Call
Provides you with a distinctive ring or call waiting tone (if you subscribe to Call Waiting) when called from preselected telephone numbers. You can construct/modify the screening list. If you also subscribe to Call Waiting, a distinctive tone is heard for the selected set of numbers you choose. Calls other than from your selected numbers are received with a standard ring pattern.

Call Transfer
Allows you to transfer an incoming call to any number that can be directly dialed, including long distance, and hang up without disconnecting the call.

Call Forward Variable
This programming feature allows you to forward all incoming calls to a different telephone number. Once activated, all incoming calls will be forwarded to the programmed number. Incoming calls may be transferred to any telephone number (local, long distance, toll free, etc.).


Long Distance Plans

Rate Long Distance
The long distance reliability you need, at a cost you can afford

Choose a convenient long distance plan, at the right price – with your choice of two long distance rate plans for your home. With either plan, the same low rates apply, no matter where or when you call within the continental United States.

Long Distance Residential Calling Rates

Plan Monthly Fee
$0.05 Plan $4.95
$0.07 Plan $0

Our long distance service is backed by the reliability of our advanced fiber optic network - since we operate our own network and provide dedicated, local customer service, you can be sure you've chosen the right communications provider.

With Flat Rate Long Distance from ImOn, you can:

  • Save money on your long distance bills
  • Avoid hidden long distance charges
  • Manage your budget with clear understandable rate plans and itemized monthly invoices
  • Connect more often with distant friends and family

Flat Rate Long Distance features:

  • 1+ dialing from your home to all calls in the continental United States
  • Low $0.05 or $0.07 cent per minute rates for calls in and out of state.
  • Toll Free services are also available at competitive rates!
  • No PICC charges are applied to your home phone number

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