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Find the Internet package that suits your Internet personality. Look below to make the simple choice!

Fiber-to-the-Home: Leading-Edge Technology

Only local provider to offer the Fiber-to-the-Home experience in Marion and Hiawatha!

Imagine immediate downloads, rapid uploads and superior-definition television. Imagine no more! ImOn Fiber-to-the-Home Internet, Cable TV and Phone service delivers the most reliable and consistent customer experience available – all from the most fiber-deep network in the corridor.

What is Fiber-to-the-Home?

  • Super Fast Internet – with speeds up to 110Mb that is not shared with your neighbors! No more bottlenecks or buffering!
  • Crystal Clear TV – many customers think our standard definition channels are HD channels! Wait until you see the HD quality.
  • Direct Fiber Connect – connecting your home to our super fast private network.
  • Highest Reliability of Service

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