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You will need your ImOn Account Number and Existing Account Password created at the time of sale for registration. These can be found on your sales paperwork and/or install work order.

  1. Go to the ImOn customer portal
  2. Select the Manage My Account box located in the upper right-hand corner. A login browser window will open.
  3. Under New Users, select Click Here to Register.
  4. Complete the information fields and select the Register button. You have now registered your ImOn account and can view and pay your bill online.

Step 1: Select and Enroll in an ImOn Service of your choice

Step 2: Apply for your ACP credit and get verified through the FCC

Step 3: Once approved, click below, and fill out this form


ImOn understands the importance of information security, and we continually work to strengthen and improve our security controls and practices. We use a defense-in-depth approach to implement and maintain reasonable administrative and technical measures to protect data under our control, including: 

·        Information security policies 

·        Mandatory security training for all staff 

·        Proactive risk management to assess and monitor risks 

·        Modern anti-malware deployed to computers and servers 

·        A 24x7 security operations center to monitor the ImOn network 

·        Incident response training and tabletop exercises 

No information transmission or storage system can be 100% secure, however ImOn has procedures in place to immediately contain security incidents and notify customers who may be impacted. We also notify applicable regulators where we are legally required to do so. 


Once you have registered your ImOn account, follow the steps below to set up automatic monthly payments. Automatic payments must be set up by midnight the day before your bill due date, for payment to be withdrawn by the due date.

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Select Schedule Monthly Payment from the sidebar.
  3. Select Bank Deduct. At this time, the only form of payment accepted through the Online bill pay system is a deduction from your bank account.
  4. Complete the information fields with your bank account information. Make sure you check the box authorizing ImOn to debit/credit funds from your account.
  5. Select the Automatically Pay bill using this bank account button.
  6. A confirmation screen will appear; which also allows you to change your payment settings and cancel automatic payments.
  7. An email will be sent to confirm automatic monthly payments have been set up for your account.
  8. Payment will be withdrawn from your account on the due date indicated on your billing statement.

You will need to register your ImOn account to access your bill on the Manage My Account site.

  1. Log into your account.
  2. On the My Account screen select Change next to Receiving Paper Bill at the bottom of the page.
  3. A statement will appear asking if you would like to sign up for paperless billing, select Yes, I want to receive email notification.
  4. You have completed the registration for paperless bill statements. You will now receive a monthly email message when your ImOn online bill is available to view.


Typically, our fiber construction process takes about 6 weeks to complete. Unfortunately, this is very dependent on the weather and the supply chain demands. You will be notified by a letter in the mail a few weeks before construction starts in your neighborhood. Throughout the construction process, we provide updates on our Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, and Dubuque New Area Facebook Group pages or the expansion update page

During the winter months, ImOn continues construction. However, due to the unpredictable winter weather conditions the construction process may take a little longer to complete

"Future build" refers to our upcoming plans to expand our fiber optic network into your area. This indicates that we are currently in the process of necessary preparations to bring our services to your location. Rest assured; we are actively working towards delivering high-quality fiber optic connectivity in your area soon.

Once most of the physical construction is complete in your neighborhood, the ImOn construction crews will begin the process of restoring your impacted lawn. ImOn crews will fill holes with at least 6 inches of black dirt and rake the area to make sure the area is level. Next, grass seed and fertilizer will be spread over the impacted areas. The homeowner will need to continue to maintain by watering the reseeded area.

If you need further help please fill out the form on this page.

Check the status of your Fiberhood's construction at These pages will give you the necessary information to stay up-to-date with the ImOn construction process!


ImOn Fiber-to-the-Home: Iowa's fastest, most reliable Internet. No buffering, fast loading. Simultaneous use for everyone in the household without slowdowns. Here’s what’s different about ImOn’s fiber-to-the-home services:

  • Newer Technology: Uses thin glass strands to transmit digital information with light pulses instead of electricity, like traditional copper cables.
  • Speed: Offer speeds up to 1 Gig (1,000Mb
  • Bandwidth: Fiber cables carry thousands of times more information than copper wires
  • Reliable and resistant to interferences, weather conditions, and electrical surges
  • Increased Home Values up to 3.1 percent

Yes, fiber is very reliable. Its light-based transmission guarantees a consistent and high-quality connection even over extensive distances, eliminating concerns about sluggish speeds. Additionally, fiber is immune to electromagnetic interference, ensuring that your devices stay fast and secure without any unexpected disruptions.

Fiber optics surpass traditional cables with faster speeds, higher data capacity, and enhanced reliability. Light-based transmission enables greater speeds, longer distances without boosters, immunity to interference, and improved security. It outperforms cable in every aspect of data transfer.


An ImOn technician may arrive approximately 30 minutes before or after the scheduled time and will keep you informed with updates via phone. An adult 18 years of age or older must be present at the install. Our technicians will wear shoe covers to maintain the cleanliness of your home.

Contact Customer Service for further questions/rescheduling at 319-298-6484

If the ImOn fiber network is already live and available in your area, you have two options for scheduling your installation: you can either contact ImOn Customer Support by phone at 319-298-6484 or email [email protected]

If the ImOn fiber network is still under construction in your neighborhood, you can pre-order your ImOn services and be the first to be installed once the network goes live. ImOn will contact you in the future to schedule your installation once your neighborhood is live, allowing you to choose a suitable date and time. 

The duration of Fiber installation is typically around 2 1/2 hours (+1 hour for WholeHome Wi-Fi), but it can vary as each home has its unique characteristics. Keep in mind the time may differ depending on the specific requirements of each home. 

During the installation of your Whole Home Wi-Fi, or extenders, the technician will arrive with all the necessary equipment and set up the system on the same day as your regular installation.

For more information about ImOn's Whole Home Wi-Fi service go HERE.

ImOn Communications will provide all the necessary equipment you will need to get your service started. Standard Wi-Fi service is included free in all Internet packages.


Determining the Internet speed that best suits your household can be difficult. Your Internet speed can be greatly affected by the number of people and devices in your home. To help you find the best Internet speed for your home, ImOn created a Speed Analyzer tool

ImOn offers a wide range of Internet packages to give you access to the speed you need for the way you use the Internet. Internet speeds range from 30Mb to 1Gig. To see what speed would be right for you be sure to check the Speed Analyzer


To check if ImOn fiber-to-the-home service is currently available in your neighborhood, just enter your home address here! This will tell you whether the service is currently available or not.

If service is not available, don’t worry, you can help expedite the process of getting ImOn service in your neighborhood! There is a form on the page that tells you if the service is available. By filling out this form in its entirety, you are showing us that there is interest in ImOn service in your neighborhood. The more people that fill out the form and show interest in your neighborhood, help us determine where to expand the ImOn fiber-to-the-home network.

We currently have service in neighborhoods throughout Cedar Rapids, Marion, Hiawatha, Coralville, Iowa City, and the greater area of Dubuque.

We continue to expand our services each year, so to stay up to date on where we are expanding next, click here. This is where you can see if ImOn is coming to your neighborhood, track which phase of construction your neighborhood is in, learn about the construction process, and be given a time frame of when service will be available.


  • Check connections: Ensure all cables are properly connected and Wi-Fi is turned on
  • Restart modem/router: Restart the device by unplugging, waiting a few seconds, and plugging back in
  • Test other devices: See if other devices can connect to determine if the issue is device-specific
  • Reset network settings: Consider resetting network settings on your device

Contact ImOn for assistance if the issue persists at 319-298-6484

  • Plan limitations: it could be time to upgrade your speeds.
  • Network congestion during peak hours
  • Older devices or malware/viruses
  • Multiple users or devices share the same network.

Contact ImOn for assistance if the issue persists at 319-298-6484

Symmetrical-Synchronous means the same thing, Upload - Rate data is transferred from your device to the Internet, Download - Rate data is transferred from the Internet to your device.

To locate your Wi-Fi SSID:

  • Check the router or access point for a label indicating the network name.
  • On a connected device, navigate to the Wi-Fi settings and look for the network name you are currently connected to.
  • Use a Wi-Fi analyzer app on your smartphone to scan for nearby networks and identify the SSID.


Are there rooms in your home where your Wi-Fi is just out of range? ImOn's Whole Home Wi-Fi uses powerful mesh technology to enhance coverage in every corner of your home - and beyond. From streaming movies in the basement to sharing photos on social media in the backyard, you'll have a strong, consistent signal wherever you are.

ImOn's Whole Home Wi-Fi uses powerful mesh technology to capture the existing Wi-Fi signal from your router and amplifies it, extending coverage to every corner of your home and even beyond with extenders, for seamless. No more dead zones or weak spots! Enjoy extended reach, enhanced performance, easy setup, and top-notch security, providing a powerful and effortless Wi-Fi solution.

Choosing between 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz Wi-Fi depends on your needs and environment. Some routers offer dual-band, so use 5 GHz for faster speeds and less interference, and 2.4 GHz for longer range or compatible devices. Adapt your usage accordingly for optimal Wi-Fi performance.

Use 2.4 GHz:

  • When you have multiple walls and obstacles between your devices and the router
  • When you need wider coverage
  • When you are dealing with interference from other devices operating, such as Bluetooth devices or cordless phones

Use 5 GHz:

  • When you require faster speeds and higher bandwidth for activities like HD streaming or online gaming
  • When you are in an environment with minimal interference or fewer devices operating
  • When you have newer devices that support 5 GHz and can take advantage of its capabilities