ImOn Voice Solutions

Scalable solutions to meet your business needs. 

Cloud Voice Solution

ImOn Cloud Voice solution delivers a powerful, full-featured, business-class phone system without the cost and hassle of having an on-site phone system. All calls are routed over a managed IP network, with no limits to the number of lines you can add to your system. You can scale at your own pace, keeping costs in line.

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Performance, Reliability, and Data Protection

ImOn’s Cloud Voice solution is the total voice package that is always right-sized for your business. It comes with the highest performance, reliability, and data protection available.

Web Portal Management

Administrators and users can easily manage and control all communication features from any web browser.

Lower Operating Expenses

Preserve capital and lower your operating expenses with no premises-based equipment to install, maintain or occupy space.

SIP Trunking

Upgrade your current voice service to reduce costs without sacrificing quality. ImOn SIP Trunking offers a fiber-based voice solution that seamlessly integrates with your existing phone infrastructure. This scalable solution allows your business to replace traditional phone lines with one to several hundred call paths based on your needs. ImOn’s SIP Trunking provides your business with the power to improve efficiencies, reduce costs and invest in growth.

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Cost Savings

Unlike purchasing a 24-channel PRI, SIP Trunking can be purchased on an individual trunk basis, which allows you to only purchase the number of trunks your business will use.

Reduce Capital Expenses

SIP Trunking allows your business to leverage existing voice equipment without additional capital investment. ImOn’s service is certified on multiple platforms, including Avaya, Cisco, Microsoft and Samsung.


Support future growth by easily adapting the number of trunks to meet your needs without impacting the equipment or network configurations.


Various redundancy and routing options are available for your business's voice and data traffic as a result of utilizing ImOn's IP core network.


ImOn’s PRI Trunks save you money by connecting to your existing phone systems equipment and allowing you to maximize your phone capabilities over ImOn’s advanced IP network.

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Reliable communication that is scaled on a per-channel basis.


Allows you to leverage over-subscription vs. dedicated lines to take advantage of additional cost savings.


Dependable service delivering crystal-clear voice on our advanced fiber optic network.

Traditional Phone Service

ImOn’s traditional phone service offers a feature-rich, reliable solution at a price that fits your budget. ImOn offers you a choice of three packages, offering up to 10 custom-calling features, such as Call Forwarding, Caller ID and Voice Mail.

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Enhanced Features

ImOn provides you with the right features for your business, such as Hunt Groups, Dual Ring and Remote Access Call Forward.

Unlimited Local Calling

Packages include unlimited local calling with your choice of affordable long distance plans and international calling plans.

Dependable Service

Delivering crystal-clear voice on our advanced fiber optic network.

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Let ImOn take your business into the future.

Keep your business running smoothly with ImOn's powerful voice service. Our local experts work with you to tailor a communication solution that meets your business' needs.