Check the map below to see if your address is part of ImOn's 2024 service expansion area. If you already know your fiberhood number, scroll down to the chart to check the status of your fiberhood! 

  • RED: Pre-construction: Construction has not yet begun in your fiberhood. You will receive a letter in the mail two weeks prior to construction starting. Our crews will leave a door hanger as well, when construction officially begins. 
  • YELLOW: Construction: ImOn has begun constructing our fiber network in your fiberhood! Please excuse our mess during this time. For more information about the construction process, click here. Want to get installed as soon as construction is done? Sign up during this phase, and you’ll be one of the first in your fiberhood to get connected once service goes live.
  • GREEN: Completed: Construction is done in your fiberhood! ImOn fiber-to-the-home service is NOW AVAILABLE and ready to be installed in your home. Same - or next-day installs are available. Sign up here!

Construction Timelines

Construction of each fiberhood typically takes 4-6 weeks, weather permitting. We do everything in our power to stick to our construction schedule, but timelines are subject to change based on weather and other factors outside of our control.  

Learn more about the construction process here.

Want to search for your address in the map?

  • Click Here. 
  • In the new tab, click the Search Magnifying Glass on the left side at the top.
  • Enter your address.

*These maps are not exact representations of the addresses being serviced in our new service areas. To check on the serviceability of your address, please search your address here.

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