ImOn Bringing Residential Internet Service to Dubuque

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ImOn Communications announced in the June 11, 2019, Dubuque Telegraph Herald a multi-year plan to roll out residential broadband Internet services in Dubuque.  Construction of ImOn’s network backbone in Dubuque has been ongoing since 2017; construction of their fiber-to-the-home solution in residential neighborhoods will begin in Spring 2020 as soon as weather permits.  The residential buildout is expected to take four or more years to complete.

“ImOn has been providing Internet, data and voice solutions to businesses in Dubuque since mid-2018,” says Patrice Carroll, CEO of ImOn.  “One of the factors that brought us to Dubuque originally and has allowed us to expand is the city’s Broadband Acceleration Initiative.  It reduces costs and speeds time to market, both of which are critical to a company like ImOn.  We are looking forward to building on the relationships we have established in Dubuque as we expand to residential broadband services beginning in 2020.”

ImOn delivers all their services over a redundant fiber network, assuring high quality and reliable Internet performance.  Fiber carries data faster, is more secure, and has larger capacity so it is more consistent and reliable.  Light over glass is the most effective way to deliver data and is far superior to cable modem solutions and DSL.  

“The ImOn difference is our high-quality fiber-optic broadband network, our commitment to providing the highest level of customer service, and our support of the communities we serve,” says Carroll.  “We are eager to expand our presence in Dubuque while remaining committed to the Cedar Rapids and Iowa City areas.  We will continue to support each of these communities in the ImOn way.” 

“We are very impressed and appreciative of the way ImOn has supported the Dubuque business community since they entered this market,” says Dubuque Mayor Roy D. Buol.  “We’re encouraged by this announcement and look forward to our residents experiencing that same kind of community support while having an additional choice in providers.”