Techy Gift Ideas for High School Grads

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Graduations are right around the corner. Whether your graduate is college-bound or headed into the workforce, there’s at least one tech gadget they’ve had their eyes on. We’ve rounded up a list of the best Gen Z-approved tech essentials, so you can congratulate their hard work with a gift that’s equally fun and practical.

For the College-Bound

  • 2-in-1 Laptop – A laptop with the flexibility to turn into a writing tablet makes it easy to take notes, log into a virtual class, or catch up on the latest Netflix craze.
  • Wireless Keyboard – Even though a laptop has a built-in keyboard, a wireless option can be used for a smartphone, tablet, or when the laptop is in “dock mode.”
  • External Mouse – Trackpads are convenient and impossible to lose, but the ergonomics of a standalone mouse are hard to pass up.
  • Protective Gear for Tech Items – This may be your graduate’s first time with the responsibility of living on their own. Set them up for success with screen covers and a SOLID case for their device.
  • Sunrise Alarm Clock – Getting up for those early morning classes is hard. But a sunrise alarm—which simulates natural morning light—makes for a more gentle wake-up experience. And because light signals to the body that it’s time to get going, a sunrise alarm will give your teen an extra boost of energy, helping them stay alert and focused in class.

For the Social Butterfly

  • Instant Film Camera – Something feels different about a PHYSICAL photo that isn’t taken on a phone (not to mention the finality of FILM). No editing needed!
  • Smart Watches – Never miss a text, Instagram “like,” or TikTok Live again!Remember to find a version that’s compatible with their phone!
  • Digital Picture Frame – Add photos to their frame to let them feel close to home, or so they can show off their favorite shots. Take those images out of the family Group Chat and get them into their dorm or apartment!
  • Pocket Projector – Perfect for a group movie night, or for playing their favorite games with friends.
  • Battery Bank – Sometimes planning ahead can be tough. A battery bank lets your graduate charge their devices on the go, so they never run out of power.

For the Creative Conqueror

  • Wireless Headphones – Walking to class or commuting to work is MUCH better with tunes (or a favorite podcast). Get a set with a strong microphone so they can use them for FaceTiming with the family!
  • USB-C Car Charger – You never know when creativity may strike, and you’ll want your graduate to have a fully charged battery! A USB-C can also be used to charge up a laptop.
  • External Monitor – These allow your graduate to easily take notes while attending a virtual class, or cross-check references while writing that term paper.
  • GoPro – Record a “Day in the Life” in a breeze OR set it up to stream the bird’s nest in their dorm window.
  • Smart Notebook – Jot down ideas or sketch on this digital notepad that can sync directly with their cloud accounts, computer, or phone.

For the Safety Obsessed

  • Ring Doorbell – Knock, knock? Give them peace of mind to keep track of delivered packages, guests, or when the GrubHub is delivered.
  • Smart Lock – Keys are a hassle! A smart lock can turn any home into a Smart House. It’s also a great way to let Mom or Dad in if a light is left on when they’re away.
  • Smart Wallet – It’s easier than you may think to leave your wallet behind in class. Get a notification when it “disconnects” from a phone or view the location on a map to keep track.
  • Link & Lock for AirTags – Add Apple’s AirTag to ANYTHING you can secure a lock to (think bookbags, purses, or bikes) to get SOLID trackability for things you might misplace…or items that tend to “walk off.”

Still searching for more gift options for your high school grad? We’ve never met a teen who didn’t like cash (or a VISA gift card)!

No matter what you choose to give them, just be sure to pass along a kind word and let them know how proud you are. Heading out on your own can be scary, but having the support and confidence of loved ones makes the transition a little easier.