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Keeping you connected to the things that matter most.

With ImOn Phone service, staying connected has never been so simple!

Thanks to ImOn's advanced fiber optic network, your calls will always connect and be crystal-clear. Whether you talk a little or a lot, ImOn has the right phone plan for you!

Dependability of service

You can't beat the dependability of a landline phone. Even in today’s highly mobile world there are still cellular dead zones and areas with spotty reception. Plus, you don’t have to worry about whether your battery is charged or not.


Having a landline means you can always reach whoever you need to, when you need to talk to them. It’s a convenient back-up if your cell phone isn’t charged, isn’t working, or can’t get clear service in your home.

Emergencies (911)

In the event of an emergency, your landline phone is the best way to call 911. Even if you can’t speak, the dispatcher knows your address and can quickly send help. While cell phones can track your location through GPS, it can only track you to the nearest cell site, which could waste valuable time in an emergency.

Available Packages

Reliable phone service options, customized to meet your exact calling needs.

Want the great reliability of ImOn phone along with popular calling features? Choose the package that fits your communication needs.


Local Phone

  • Dependable phone service with unlimited local calling.
  • Add calling features a la carte. Choose from the list of features below.
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Local Line Plus Phone

  • Dependable phone service with unlimited local calling.
  • The choice of up to 7 calling features listed below.
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Freedom Phone

  • This package has it all. Enjoy 3000 minutes of long distance calling per month.
  • Includes all calling features listed below. Caller ID, Voicemail and more!
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Additonal Phone Options

Phone Calling Features

  • Anonymous Call Rejection  Allows you to reject incoming calls marked "private" or "anonymous."
  • Call Screening  Allows you to establish a list of up to 13 telephone numbers from which you do not want to receive calls.
  • Call Waiting  Allows you to receive a second call while you are already on the line.
  • Last Call Return/Callback  Allows you to "prompt" ImOn service to redial the telephone number of the last incoming call by dialing "1."
  • Speed Call 8  Allows you to dial frequently called numbers by dialing a two-digit code in place of the entire telephone number.
  • Voicemail  Voicemail service allows callers to leave you messages when your line is busy or you're unable to answer the call. Messages can be retrieved from a personal voicemail box where you can easily listen to, save or erase your messages.
  • Call Forward Variable  Allows you to forward all incoming calls to a different telephone number.
  • Call Transfer  Allows you to transfer an incoming call to any number.
  • Caller ID Name & Number  Displays the name and/or number of the calling party before you answer the phone
  • Priority Call  Provides you with a distinctive ring or call waiting tone (if you subscribe to Call Waiting) when called from preselected telephone numbers.
  • Three Way Calling  Allows you to add a third party to an existing call.

Long Distance Call Plans

The long distance reliability you need, at a cost you can afford. Choose a convenient long distance plan, at the right price – with your choice of two long distance rate plans for your home. With either plan, the same low rates apply, no matter where or when you call within the continental United States.

Long Distance Residential Calling Rates  

Plan Monthly Fee Cost per Minute
$0.05 Plan $4.95 $.05/minute
$0.07 Plan $0 $.07/minute
3000 Minutes (included with Freedom Line Phone) $33.98 Included with Freedom Line phone service

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