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WholeHome Wi-Fi


With ImOn's Whole Home Wi-Fi service, you'll have access to powerful Wi-Fi no matter where you are in your home. 

WiFi-Signal-Icon.pngReliable Signal in Every Room

Are there rooms in your home where your Wi-Fi is just out of range? ImOn's Whole Home Wi-Fi uses powerful mesh technology to enhance coverage in every corner of your home - and beyond. 

Gear-and-Wrench-Icon.pngOutstanding Support and Service

With ImOn's Whole Home Wi-Fi, you get even more reliable customer service. Our support team can access your network remotely to identify issues and troubleshoot quickly. 

Smart-Phone-icon.pngControl Right at Your Fingertips

Hassle-free, stress-free control with just one touch! Manage your Wi-Fi network from your phone whenever you want. The Whole Home Wi-Fi App is easy to use and lets you see all of the devices connected to your home network. Plus, you can run speed tests, set up guest networks, monitor bandwidth usage, set up parental controls, and much more. Click here to learn more about the Command IQ app.

Smart-Home-Icon.pngUpgrade to Smart Home Wi-Fi

Upgrade to ImOn's Smart Home WiFi and you can turn your connected home into a smart home. When you upgrade, you can integrate and manage all of your smart home devices through one system. And you can even have hands-free control by using voice commands with Amazon Alexa compatibility. 

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ImOn's WholeHome Wi-Fi is only available with ImOn Internet service. CLICK HERE to see if ImOn service is available in your neighborhood. 


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